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Happy employees getting ready for a rafting trip

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5 Reasons employees benefit from team building activities

The benefits of corporate team building are widely know, but do your employees cringe at the thought of another boring company event?

A 2012 workplace survey conducted by Wakefield Research found that 31% of office workers secretly hate team building activities.

Do you think it's because of all of those silly ice-breakers they are forced to participate in?

Happy employees getting ready for a rafting trip

We encourage you to shake-it-up a bit and plan a rafting trip as an exciting alternative to the once mundane company get-togethers. Below you will find just five reasons why we believe that a rafting trip with Wildwater can help benefit employee morale and productivity in the workplace.

Spending time in Nature increases morale and boost your mood

1. Fresh Air & The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

Spending time outdoors can do wonders for the mind and body. An adult working full-time reports logging close to 50 hours/week, spending the majority of the daylight hours inside at their desk in “Cubicle Land”. The time spent furthering their career doesn’t give much wiggle room for progressing their health and well-being.

Working together to accomplish a task

2. Working Together to Reach a Final Goal

Whitewater Rafting: What better way is there to create an environment to work together to reach a final goal? For a few hours of adventure, everyone is required to paddle together to maneuver through the rapids. This particular outdoor activity is best accomplished when everyone is working together.

It might seem intimidating at first, but doesn't anything when you try it for the first time?

3. Stepping Outside of the Comfort Zone

We know what you are thinking. Whitewater rafting, isn’t that going to be scary? What if I fall out? We understand that these questions can cross your mind when trying something new. We find that those that are nervous before the trip end up finishing the river adventure feeling the most accomplished. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a great way to build self-confidence.

4. Encouraging Socialization in an Appropriate Setting

We understand that the workplace isn’t the best environment to spend time catching up on your co-workers' weekend or what they plan to do on their upcoming vacation. You have things you need to get done and little distractions can really throw you off your game. A company team-building activity can create and foster the important relationships that are key to a healthy, successful, and profitable business, while also fitting into the appropriate environment for growth.

Teamwork at its best

5. Show Appreciation for the Hard Work the Team provides

Your team works hard, so show them a little appreciation by planning a trip that will also benefit productivity and team morale. It is a win-win opportunity, so what are you waiting for?

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