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KickStand Coffee & Kitchen

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Community Connection: Kickstand Coffee & Kitchen - Hood River, OR

Let me paint the picture for you. It’s a sunny afternoon and I find myself indoors in front of my computer responding to a long list of emails. Sounds a bit like torture doesn’t it?

Luckily, the setting is comfortable and inviting.

With my back against the wall, I have a full view of the entire place -- people-watching is a great way to keep me from shutting my laptop and hitting the river or the trail before work is finished. I sip on my Ginger Kombucha straight from the tap and contemplate what to order for lunch. The Thai Salad sounds good. Or maybe I go big and order the Brapp!! Burger? Do you think the burger is named after the Liquid Logic kayak? Or maybe it’s a dirt bike reference? I guess they leave that up for you to decide.

I finally make my decision and go for the Thai Salad, Lance goes for ‘The” Burger and some 10-Speed drip coffee. We both wait patiently for our lunch.

Thai chicken salad & "The" Burger with fries

My hometown of Hood River, Oregon is located just across the Columbia River from Washington and the magical White Salmon River. Hood River is growing by the minute. Each time I go back to visit I see another building going up, another business thriving, another unfamiliar face (always friendly none-the-less). It’s great to see my sweet little hometown doing so well, and it’s fun to see businesses like KickStand Coffee & Kitchen providing local, organic, and inventive food and drinks.

After a few more emails I get my salad -- holy moly, does it look good! Fresh, light - yet satisfying. I made the right choice. Lance enjoys his burger and fries across the table.

We leave with empty plates and full bellies -- ready to tackle the rest of the days activities.

The next time you are in Hood River (or if you live locally but haven’t given it a try) you NEED to check our KickStand Coffee & Kitchen -- you won’t be disappointed!

My Favorites include Thai Salad and the KickStando Breakfast Sandwich.

Author: Justine B.

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