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Skill Development Clinics

Skill Development Clinics

  • Season
    April - August
  • Trip Length
    1 Day
  • Age
$149 /Person
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Welcome to the Skill Development and Confidence Clinics, the ultimate whitewater kayaking courses designed to build your skills and confidence on the river. Our team of expert instructors at Wildwater River Guides will take your knowledge of the basics of paddling and teach you the advanced techniques for tackling the toughest rapids. Wildwater's instructors have designed these whitewater skill development and confidence clinics specifically for paddlers looking to step up their game, have a roll, and are comfortable on class III. Focusing on a specific section of river or paddling skill, these 1-day clinics are the perfect way to advance your paddling ability.


Our clinics are designed to build upon your skills and give you the confidence needed to take on rivers with ease. We focus on developing strong foundational skills, including proper paddling technique, river reading, and safety. If there's an area you'd like to improve in your paddling such as boofing, surfing, boat scouting, or creaking, this is the opportunity to learn on the river from professional Instructors. These courses are specifically aimed at building confidence; see the line and style it, be confident in your bomb proof roll, drop into waves and holes for fun, and have a plan for risk management and safety while exploring new levels in your paddling experience.

Our courses are held on some of the most beautiful and exciting rivers in the region, including the Wenatchee River, the Skykomish River, and the White Salmon River. These Skill Development and Confidence Clinics have everything you need to take your kayaking to the next level. Sign up for a clinic today and get ready to advance your skills and confidence in the sport of whitewater kayaking.


Skykomish River - Boulder Drop Rapid

Join us for a day paddling one of the most iconic whitewater rivers in the greater Seattle area. In this confidence clinic we will work on group paddling concepts, scouting, boofing, and other skills and techniques necessary to navigate this river.

When: April 15th, 2023


Teaching Kayaking Concepts

Our 2nd Confidence Clinic of 2023 will be held on the Wenatchee River. The class III forgiving nature of the Wenatchee is a perfect classroom for us to work on improving our skills. In this clinic we will focus on catching harder eddies, refining and dialing in combat rolls, and nailing ferries. As we head downstream we will also talk about and work on down-river play boating skills and techniques.

When: July 1, 2023

White Salmon River Class III-IV Confidence Clinic

Boofing Husum Falls

The White Salmon River is the site of our last confidence clinic of the 2023 season. This clinic will have a big focus on dialing in boof strokes as we head downstream from the BZ launch site and arrive at Husum Falls to test out what we have learned. Like all of our courses it is a challenge by choice style as we run a section of this Wild and Scenic river and work on improving our paddling technique. This is a great clinic for anyone familiar with the White Salmon or comfortable on class III-IV whitewater.

When: August 20th, 2023 @ 9AM

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